Scrap Recycling

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Corporate Responsibility - We take our corporate responsibility to our community, our employees, our customers and our environment seriously.  We embrace the goal of becoming a "zero waste" facility.  In our first year of operations we processed over 56,000 tons of scrap.

Processing Technology - We invest in the most advanced plant and equipment which means we are able to process scrap more efficiently and effectively to produce the highest quality of scrap reclamation.  We densify our scrap using balers and shears to maximize hauling and shipping efficiency.

Shredding - Shredding material down to an optimal size means we produce a higher quality product and allows the capture of materials for futher processing that may have otherwise been lost in the process.  We have several shredders of different capabilities that allows us to be more efficient depending upon the materials we are reclaiming.

Fleet - We are constantly reinvesting in our fleet of trucks and roll off containers.  We only put out the best to our industrial customers.  By keeping this reinvestment policy we are better suited to maintain an excellent quality of service to our customers.

Safety - We are very safety consicous in all divisions of our company.  We cooperate with and abide by all DOT regulations in every state that we operate.  Our Safety department is continually monitoring all aspects of our business, holding safety meetings with our employees as well as conducting safety training on a regular basis.  We have an excellent safety record that is measured by statistics but more importantly by our employees going home each night safely.

Professional Standing - We feel that to keep abreast of the lastest developments in any industry you must maintain an active participation in your professional organizations.  To this end we belong to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) and are active in the national and local chapters.