Investment Recovery

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Southern Surplus Services' Investment Recovery Division specializes in the practice of recovering the highest value of assets no longer needed by a company.  This may be equipment or inventory.  These assets may be columns, vessels, tanks, pumps, motors, electrical equipment, valves, exchangers, bearings, catalysts, belting, etc.

Some of the equipment we handle originates from our demolition projects but the majority of our purchases are from companies that have identified their surplus equipment or inventory and would like to recoup substantial value in the process.  We also have an Investment Recovery Specialist who brings his expertise to assist whenever our client has identified the surplus assets and would like to get some options for divestment.  We are members of the Investment Recovery Association.

We also offer services to find the best market for surplus equipment including sales of complete plants or units to third parties inside the U.S. and internationally.

No matter the size of the project, we strive to give our clients clear choices while maximizing the return for our clients.