Dismantling and Demolition

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Southern Surplus Services has a professional and safe working force that includes Project Managers, Safety Managers, Estimators, Engineers and Craft personnel to handle any dismantling/demolition project.  We take pride in the encouragement and training we give each employee, whether it concerns safety on our projects, the latest regulations regarding demolition services or the newest ideas and methods for demolition.  It is our goal to implement safe and cost effective demolition services to our clients while maintaining compliance with the latest environmental stardards.  Since our inception we have processed over three quarters of a million tons of scrap to recycling facilities.

Our company's operations are governed by our belief that "Safety Saves Lives, Quality Saves Jobs".  We find that the best business is repeat business, projects that are done safely, timely and economically for our clients.

We offer services for projects such as:

  • Partial or total dismantlement of operating units
  • Total demolition of a complete facility or operating unit
  • Selective demolition removing items from within an operating unit
  • Site clearing and excavations
  • Environmental remediation
  • Bone yard cleanup

In all of our projects, careful consideration is given to sequence our demolition activities to facilitate the recovery of materials for beneficial reuse or recycling.   By sorting the recoverable materials and finding markets for these materials, we achieve our goal of maximizing the return to our clients while minimizing the burden on municipal landfills and the environment.

We use our resources of experienced project managers, safety managers, trained personnel and specialized equipment to:

  • Conduct impact study on the environment and rules & regulations that may apply to the project on a local, state and federal level.  This may involve hazardous materials, special wastes, special permits and safety regulations as it applies to the project
  • Plan the project with the client's needs in mind along with the proper engineering controls and equipment to complete the project safely
  • Calculate salvage and recycling values
  • Project management

We believe in the professional development of our employees, furthuring our standing in our industry and keeping abreast of the latest industry trends.  To help us in reaching those goals we:

  • Belong to industry associations such as the National Demolition Association, Institute of Scrap Recycling, Invesment Recovery Association, LA Chemical Industry Alliance, Alliance Safety Council and others
  • Send our management personnel, front line supervision and equipment operators to educational workshops
  • Our company is listed and approved on third party sites such as ISNetworld, PICS, HexNet and BROWZ
  • Hold an annual safety conference lasting one week at our company headquarters.  Our Safety Department conducts physicals, holds educational classes and testing, equipment operator testing, CPR and First Aid qualifications and more