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Southern Surplus Services utilizes behavior based safety programs. We find that this type of program promotes a better environment for our client's and our employees by promoting proactive responses to work procedures and site conditions. Such actions are founded in our use of health and safety plans, post job reviews, concentration on the safest, most effective methods to use in our work and our emphasis on safety over production. We realize that we are "our brother's keeper" and that our number one desire and goal is to have all of our client's and our employees go home safely each day.

Our Safety department provides Site Safety and/or Site Reviews for our jobs. Our Job Superintendents and employees always have access to our Safety Department personnel. Any employee can "shut down a job" if an unsafe condition or act is observed.

Prior to job startup, a Demolition Plan is formulated by the Corporate Project Manager describing the scope of work, resources to be used and steps in the demolition project. This plan is reviewed by a Safety Manager and another Demolition Competent Person. Particular environmental and engineering controls are provided to mitigate any potential hazards. From this review a Site Specific Health Safety & Environmental Program is written for the project. A copy of this report is given to our Clients for their evaluation and comments after which the final program is written, published and distributed to the Site Superintendent and the Client's representatives prior to startup. This program is used for the Site Specific Orientation for our employees prior the startup on the job site. Employees also have input at this stage to offer comments regarding the job hazards or controls to further mitigate those hazards. The Safety Program is then amended and redistributed prior to startup. We find that this approach enables everyone involved with the project to have a better understanding of the hazards of the job, the controls and procedures to mitigate those hazards and creates an environment of "buying in" to the safety program for that job.

We utilize a Daily Job Safety Analysis of tasks our employees are expected to complete that day. With our employees input, the hazards of that day's work are identified and controls to mitigate those risks identified and implemented. We find that inclusion of our employees and our client's employees in these meetings makes for the safest work environment possible.

We provide safety training to our employees on a continual basis. When an employee is first hired, he/she begins with Basic OSHA at an approved safety council. Once assigned to a job, the employee goes through a New Employee Orientation. This training is done each time an employee reports to a new job. We regularly conduct safety inspections, observations and audits on our jobs. Our employees also have to attend and pass our client's Site Specific Safety Training for each job. In addition our employees attend annual training that includes going over demolition specific tasks that we experience, OSHA regulations as regards to our industry, our own Safety Standards and other particular situations that we may have experienced in that year. Our Superintendents undergo additional training regarding their supervisory roles and responsibilities.

We feel as a company that these procedures and programs are responsible in a large part for our exemplary safety record.