Who We Are

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Southern Surplus Services, founded in 1991, provides demolition, dismantling and removal services to the Petrochemical, Industrial and Commercial industries.  Whether a complete plant demolition, a selective demolition/dismantling project or just a scrap cleanup project, we provide valued services while ensuring that our and our client's employees are working in a safe work environment.  We also provide comprehensive asset retirement and asset recovery services.  Working through our contacts of brokers, end users and dealers, we are able to offer our clients a best range of options towards investment recovery.  This includes marketing of entire plants and operations overseas.  For those clients that may require it, we offer an all inclusive approach to projects that may involve demolition, asset recovery and environmental services.  We offer a great deal of value to our clients in the planning, execution and liability aspects of projects by using this integrated approach.

We have removed complete oil refineries, gas refineries, chemical plants, warehouses, paper mills and power houses.  We have worked within active operating units during critical operations.